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Jim Shuttleworth

Nephew of Jim Shuttleworth, killed at Arnhem


Update 2017

Chrissy and I travelled to Arnhem, as usual, to visit my Uncle’s grave.


Whilst there, we met with Ray Waller, Padre Geoffrey Allen and Giel Heinzbergen, at which time, Giel revealed that he had managed to discover the exact position of the crash site, near Babberich, and showed us photos of the site, which can be found below.


We hope to visit the crash site, next year, but in the meantime, the Guys will work together to investigate the possibility of getting a plaque placed at the site, to mark it for future generations.


Giel is also investigating reports that someone in the neighbourhood has one of the parachutes from the plane.



An update from Giel - May 6, 2017

Hello Jim,


Searching for more information I went back to the archive of Zevenaar. On 15­04­1940 different Dutch newspapers wrote articles about the airfight. In details there are differences for further research.


There was a rumour afterwards that one of the German fighters was going down just over the border by Huethem behind Elten. What I found was that Jagdgeschwader 20(station Bönninghardt) lost two planes during that period with the pilots coming down in safety. Till now I could not find confirmation iff one of those planes came down on 14­04­1940 and where.


An other detail says that the second Blenheim, who got away was damaged. I have read somewhere that the Operation Records Book from April 1940 from 57 Squadron were lost in France. So that’s difficult to find out.


I have also read that more neighbours of Beekseweg 33 took pieces of the plane with them. A lot of people visited the crashsite the next day. Maybe there is still something in that neighbourhood to find.


Till so far,




The Crash-site at Babberich


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